Small Business Spotlight with Mosaic Marketing

Join the revolution, It's time to get your hair Tight and Right

September 29, 2021 Marcel Blanchet Season 1 Episode 5
Small Business Spotlight with Mosaic Marketing
Join the revolution, It's time to get your hair Tight and Right
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It's time to get to know Tight and Right Hair Revolution, a hair technology company in Baltimore Maryland. Larry Sumerville and his wife Tumajah created a company that focuses on creating innovative hair technology to help improve the ease of maintaining the hairstyle of busy, active lifestyle women.

Listen to this episode and hear what it takes to bring a product and its brand to market. The husband and wife team talks candidly about their struggles and triumphs of building their business and the steps they have taken.

Larry Sumerville, an engineer, inventor, designed and is producing the fitness cap, a "hair cooling",  and dehumidification system while worn during any type of active fitness, " like",  activity targets the sweat vapor and prevents the sweat from beading up on the scalp.

Tight and Right Hair Revolution's website has all-natural hair care products formulated by Tight and Right including hair oils, dry shampoo, conditioners, and shampoos.

Visit their website for more information

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Welcome everybody, to our fifth episode of the small business spotlight with Mosaic Marketing And I'm Marcel Blanchet here. And we've got a great show for you, which is an amazing couple from Maryland that has a fabulous company that is called Tight and Right Hair revolution. And I've got Tumajah Sumerville and Larry Sumerville. Now Larry is an interesting man, because he's an engineer, and he helped develop this amazing product called the fitness cap. And we're gonna have Larry, talk a little bit about the fitness cap Hey, guys, how are you doing? How are you doing? We're doing great here. Good to be here. Thanks for having us on the show. Thank you very much. And it's a great pleasure to have you both. I'm so excited about the tight and right hair revolution, and what you guys are doing and what you all started, and everything that's going on. So you know, Larry, you got to tell me a little bit about yourself, though, you know, this is an amazing thing that you've done. And how did you put tight and right together? And tell me a little bit about yourself?

Yes. So like, again, good to be on the show. A little bit about now from Baltimore, Maryland. I'm born and raised. Like you said, I have a background in engineering. And so when it came to Tight and Right, and the fitness gap and Tight and Right, a company from a very young age I've always had in mind to the reason I became an engineer is because I wanted to invent things, ironically. And so my mom kind of pointed me down a path of Oh, you might you should be an engineer. So if you want to invent things, and they're all engineers don't invent things, necessarily. But um, so for me, when I got married, I was working as a nuclear engineer at the time for the Department of Defense. And my wife and I, we started working out together. And I just saw, you know, I just saw some of the challenges that she had with her hair and how it was a obstruction, if you will, to us working out. And by me, being an engineer, you know, my walls just started turning. And I was dealing with similar issues, mostly related issues with a different project I was handling on my job. And I put two and two together and I say, Well, hey, I can we can solve the same problem in the similar way. And that's that's how we came up with that idea for the fitness cap and starting a company.

Well, can you tell me a little bit more about what actually what was the problem is you guys are dating right at this time? Or you weren't? We're married. We first dating and working out at the gym together as this is how it all happened or what?

No, we were we actually were married by the time we started working out in the gym. Okay,

so tell me what was the problem that Tumajah had? When and you saw that? What was the problem?

Yeah, so to my daughter, she was alive at the time she was wearing her hair, flat arm so she has natural hair means it hasn't it's not chemically treated is just our natural curl pattern with her hair. And so you know, she was wearing a hair flat on a press, whatever you want to call it. And all I remember is that we were working out and her hair started getting curly again, you know, it's not ever very back to his normal texture. And that's fine. She's not she loves her normal texture hair, but everyone else to wash, she likes to change it up and maybe wear it a different way. And so, as a result of that, she probably you know, she kind of didn't feel like working out with me as much because she wanted to make sure she looked nice for me. She wanted to look nice for me by working out but she also want her hair to look nice for me too. So she had her hair recently done in that kind of a way. She may not have wanted to work

out with me. Okay, so she flat ironed her natural hair. And then when she was working out, she would sweat just like you and I do when we go to the gym. I glisten. I like that. You don't sweat you glisten. Okay, so she's glistening. Her hair is getting curly again. So now I get it. Now I really get it. So you figure out why that's happening. Because her she's glistening. So now, yeah, now tell me. So once you figured that, you know that was the problem. Then what did you do?

A little bit and ironically, my mom, I've been around here my whole life. I mean, I know I know how it smells when you're getting certain styles on me. I grew up. My mom is a net has been a national educator for Paul Mitchell. She's taught at different schools and been in charge of different schools. I had her own salon so I've been around him my whole life and so on. Kinda already for me with the issue, but you know, I never really had somebody that a woman that I worked out with, you know, anytime I saw a woman before, you know, it was without her working out or anything, if you will, but my wife by being my wife, I was able to see, you know, you know, just her everything, you know. So what happened was, um, I'm thinking, Hey, this is a moisture related issue, you know, that her hair is absorbing all the vapor. And so we had it, we had a problem at my job where we had this compressed air system where it had to be a certain texture had to be dragged to a certain level in order to be used in the industrial process called vortex freeze tubing, and nuclear engineering, it's like you freeze a section of pipe, and then you cut it out and replace it. And so and then, with these vortex freeze tubes that need to drag compressed air, I realized, you know, if I need to drive is there some techniques that I can use to drive this L so to her hair is now absorbing all the moisture. So that's why that's what I've targeted.

Okay, so that's what you came up with, as the idea. And then how did that turn into the fitness cap?

I was like, man, how could this be you? How could this, you know, work. And I said, around, I started drawing some pictures out and everything I drew out, looked like a science project. Everything I drew looks like a science project. And I said, this is not possible. And I kind of just gave up. And then you know, a year later, I thought about some more gave up. You know, a year later, I thought about it some more. And then I just sat down, I thought about it very aggressively. This thing Can't I mean, I figured out how to make it work. But it can't look like a science project. And so I had to figure out a way for my wife to wear it and still look cute and not look like she's doing anything and still reaping the benefits of what we're targeting to, to offer the benefits. And that's where we started moving forward with that desire for the product. Okay, so

then you came up with the idea of it looking like a baseball cap with a lining. And then the mechanism basically is an air conditioning unit for the scalp. Correct?

Yep. So it's a head cooling and dehumidification. So it has dehumidification properties by you know, the use of some proprietary materials that we have in the cap, so as dehumidification properties as well as cooling properties or targets the sweat vapor, and then it prevents the sweat itself before it starts to beat up on your scalp.

Now, the other piece of the puzzle is Tumajah, when you flat iron hair or when you went to the salon and had your hair done, you spent a lot of coin right and doing that process to your hair. So when you went to the gym and all sudden now it turns back to your natural curly hair again that cost of doing that hair style ended upon costing you some money right?

well yeah, definitely hairstyles cost a lot of money. Any woman knows that especially who keeps up their hair and everything and it just gets more expensive, right the care of it, whether it's um, we're we're pressing it out, getting a blow dryer, blow dry, blow out, getting a soak, press getting even sow in and things like that. The cost of all of it is it's an investment, you know, it's an investment into your look into how you want to present yourself to the world. And so yeah, the upkeep of that is costly. And you don't want to flush it down toilet grates on a weekly on a daily basis. However, that fitness routine is we were going pretty routinely into the gym when we first started going rock climbing and you know, running and different things like that. And so yeah, absolutely. That would hit anyone's pocket.

Yeah. So So the solution that you came up with, not only helped with the problem of her glistening also save some money in the pocket. Right, Larry? Absolutely, absolutely. All right. So that's where tight and right here revolution all started, right. So once you had the product and you started to create it, you came up with the title right here revolution. Tell me. How did that all start?

Yes. So the name ironically, I wish I had a real glamorous story to tell you about the name. We just pondered it for a while. We thought that it'll keep your head tight and looking right. And it was just like tight and right.

But we went through some other iterations. Trust me. We went through some things that had different The addresses that try to express really what it was that we wanted the user to, to understand about our product, how the benefits, how this is going to benefit you. And that's the one we ended up with instead of going with the racy ones. But I think that was the best choice.

While this is a revolution, I mean, it's no other product that's gonna let you get your hair done, and then go work out. I mean, no one is gonna spend that kind of money and go to the salon and go workout unless you had a fitness gap. There's no way you're going to do it.

Right. So that's the beginning of tight and right hair revolution. And you have a great website. It's called tight and right hair dot com, right Yes. And people can go to your website and check out tight and right hair revolution and find out more about the story about the fitness cap, and other products that you have, because you are starting a hair revolution. So you have many different products. So when you started that whole situation with tight and right, you had to raise some money to create the product. So you did a Kickstarter last year, correct? When did you start that Kickstarter?

2019 2020 was COVID. We did it right before COVID hit right. So

basically, you started this Kickstarter, and before it's even finished, basically COVID hits. And just like anything else, your whole dream of what you're trying to do comes to a halt, like many, many, many other small businesses across this country. So tell me about the Kickstarter. And what happened during covid itself

was a, you know, big effort Before that, we had to raise money before that just to get to the place where we could do the Kickstarter campaign, you know, getting patents and that kind of stuff. But Kickstarter campaign was the money that we needed to just, you know, get the product in the hands of people, you know, you know, the tough thing was, I didn't understand at first, but that was why I was having trouble reaching out to the factories and the suppliers and the, you know, manufacturers that I have reached out to before me relationships with, you know, planning to visit, you know, I was planning trips out of the country, with other investors that will come with me who were going to be investing money into the company. And in the midst of all of that. I just wasn't getting any responses from anybody. And that's because, um, one of the locations was in China, that was one of the distributors of a key component, and they just wouldn't get back to me. And it took me a while to realize why. They said the viruses and people are getting sick. And you know, I'm like, what's going on. And so with the virus hitting is slow, they're pretty much almost stopped everything that we were doing, it was really a pretty tough situation, the moments that we raised because we couldn't execute the plan, a lot of money is beginning to get sucked up into operating costs, because we could not do the things that we set out to do things got restricted, suppliers wouldn't respond to us manufacturers wouldn't work with us. And so we were just kind of stuck One moment. And we had to recalculate after that. And it's by understanding that you're still having issues correct. Everything is slowed, calm. There's still distribution problems. There's issues that you're having. Tell me a little bit about that. Yeah. So there are some still, there are still some components that are harder to get your hands on as a result of that. But what we did was, we tried to capitalize on that. And we focus understanding everybody else in the world is going through the same kind of thing having to recalculate. So we pretty much converted our business model, and we invested in a website, we changed our business model. And we figured that we would take more power in our own hands by converting our business model to a direct to consumer business model. So we're now looking to go to trade shows, and hopefully people will pick up our product and carry it in their stores. Now we're saying we want to take this thing by force, we're going to produce this product ourselves. We're going to work with suppliers who are responding to us who are able to supply the things that we need. And now we're at a much better place to wares or something like that would not be able to affect us as much

so but also so with this plan that you're you're talking about. One of the things is to restart a new Kickstarter campaign in January.  January 14 of 2022. Correct. Correct. So tell me a little bit about the restart, or should I say reboot or restyle of the Kickstarter is going to be starting January 14.

Yes. So it's actually even more exciting than the first Kickstarter campaign. And we've been able to learn, you know, so much more having gone through the whole process before. But like I said, Now, we're actually Building the whole thing ourselves, we have some components and things that we may get made somewhere else that we may purchase from another supplier. But we're really producing this ourselves this time. And so I think that the people who are supporting us in this round of Kickstarter want to feel that excitement behind, you know, made in America producing in America and, and just good entrepreneurship at work, bringing, bringing a new product to market and getting into the hands of people. And so, like I said, this is gonna be exciting. Before we actually do the Kickstarter campaign, we have a few, we have a few things that we still fulfill from the last Kickstarter campaign, make sure that we do right by those folks who support us, they understand what happened, we still have their support, we've been keeping them updated. But um, before anybody gets anything, we're going to make sure that they get this first, we're giving them this first. And then when they get there, as we want to also have enough produce in the first run, so that we can do focus groups. And we will allow some focus groups to happen so that people can tell us what they think about the product, what features they like the best, and perhaps the very thing that they that we maybe want to consider changing or including. And so we don't want a small production run the first time just fulfill those initial Kickstarter orders and to be able to facilitate those focus groups. And then the people for the next Kickstarter, what are they going to get there as a way faster, I mean, because I mean, everything is on engineering order, and he's already been done. And so they're gonna see nice storylines, showing how we journey from that point, until now, they want to see us actually building it, they want to see the different components that go into it, they need to hear some information about the focus group. And I'm really excited. And I think that we're really going to deliver a strong value to those folks who support us and actually buy our products, that's what we want to do, we want to deliver value to those customers. And that value is convenience.

And I would add, you know, for for the focus of or the highlight of this Kickstarter, really is our mobile unit because of COVID. And because of how we had to revamp kind of our business model and everything, we also had to focus on that model of our product, which was the mobile unit with which a lot of people you know, appreciate as well. And so we had a we were allotting it on the first one. But now, this is really our focus, it's our bread and butter. And it goes well with even what the nation is going through the mobile unit, I think will work well with with the times that we're in. Now,

speaking of the times, we all know there were some investors initially, in the middle of a pandemic, that pulled out on their investments that they were going to do within the company, because everybody was doing meetings through zoom. And by them doing meetings through zoom, no one really felt like they needed to go to work. So he said that beauty was a luxury. But I'm here to say that we're you know that we're going to be turning the corner on that. So we use the slowdown period to really invest in make sure that we deliver strong value.

So Tumajah, when you were talking about the portable unit, so do we have a new name for this product of fitness cap, portable unit? What what are we calling this and this is very cool, because people can go to tight and right hair dot com website and actually see photos of the portable unit. And there are some videos and some other things that you can see in inaction. So what are we calling this

so we didn't get fancy with anything once kind of brand that name this still tight like fitness cat, but this is the mobile you know, mobile unit, and what they're gonna see, though, they'll definitely see me in action and using it is more of a prototype, rather than the actual, you know, final manufacturing, manufacture rather ready product that they receive, you know, so there are a few aesthetic things that we changed on it that we thought would be best. So we change the head style, we even change the backpack style. So it's kind of the more so idea of how it works, how you wear it, you know, what it looks like why you're, you're wanting the idea of it more sell. So when we when we run, we had that Kickstarter, when we run that campaign will have the actual so they can actually look at, hey, this is what I'm going to be getting this is the color I'm going to the color scheme, but you know, the style, all of that and so it's not gonna be exact. So don't fall in love with it, but you'll fall in love even if you do you'll be even more pleasantly

surprised. Okay, so the final product is going to have a lot of different options to it. What's different from the first version two, this version?

Yeah, chime in on that one, one thing, and we may still do the first version as well. It was just that the first version was a larger system. It had to be incorporated with fitness equipment, like at a gym. And so part of our plan was on the relationship that we were developing with gyms. And some of that plan also had to do with licensing now technology. And so in a straightforward way, with the home system or the fitness center system, we invest more money and time and r&d on finalizing our mobile system, the mobile unit, because that's something that we can package direct to consumer from our manufacturing facility here in Baltimore shipped to wherever we need to go in the world. And it's easier to be packaged ready in the event that we do want to do some retail in a in a target or some type of beauty supply store, or maybe even the Dick's Sporting Goods for that matter. It's easy for us to just package that. And you know, as tradeshow ready is as retail ready. And it's also direct to consumer ready, and is the lighter for shipping purposes as well. And so this mobile unit, basically where it is a backpack has a feature on it for you to charge your phone. You know, it has different indicators on the system, and lets you know, when the battery's running low when you haven't fully charge. And there's also it's also going to work with the app. I'm gonna tap into that later. So I'm not gonna try to take any of what she's gonna say on that piece. Okay,

well, Tumajah, why don't you tell me a little bit about that piece. And so sure, I

mean, that was one of the exciting, amazing things that we have, you know, specifically about our product that we're adding. And it's basically, we're developing an app, and it's for our beauty and fitness community. And it works with the fitness camp in many ways. It In the end, it gets access to personalized fitness and health and health information. But also, we have other types of perks for that particular community, you know, for those who would be, you know, who find themselves in that beauty of fitness community who are a part of this hair revolution. And it offers many, many different so I really want to get into the particulars, because we really more so want to unveil about more of it during the Kickstarter. But it's going to work through Bluetooth technology with the app. And and again, we're we're in the developmental stages of that, but we're really excited about where it's going,

Well, this is fabulous. And when women get to solve this problem and be able to save some money at the same time and be able to work out, their hair is going to look great after they use the fitness cap. And then you also have another version that you're planning to actually have installed at gyms. Correct. Tell me a little bit about that.

And so, that was the one that he was discussing about before that was the model that during COVID, we had to move away from not to say that we are finished with it, but because of dependence so heavily on that relationship with the fitness centers, they were closed down at the time, because they were you know, a part of the spreading events of COVID-19. And so, we the that we developed that to offset the costs for the user, because it was an intricate systems that that they would have to purchase in order to use the product. So instead of them having to purchase the full system, if we develop relationships, or as we develop relationships with different fitness centers, who could they could just purchase the head itself. And then at that particular location, whatever sites where we had the, the, the system built in, they could just hook up their their head and then work out regularly you know at that gym location. Maybe they don't have a fitness in their highway, but maybe they prefer to be in a fitness center. And so we want to offer that option. And then of course we had the home unit option, which again was a whole system it was it's it's larger than the mobile system. It's not as large of course as the delivery system would be for the entire fitness center. But it does give users that ability and the convenience for working at home because some people prefer to work at home you know work out at home they don't want to do it in front of you they want to do at the comfort of their own conference room convenience and home might be the better place for it and that also came with with special options. Other ways to use it benefits if you would, that maybe the mobile unit won't give you or that the fitness center style the cap wouldn't give you either.

One of those ways to modules dance.

Oh well you know the the portable unit you can definitely use for dancing.

You can absolutely that is one of the pluses support After the portable unit, you can use it in zoom by kind of a lot of dynamic movements and everything. And for the most part, don't be, you know, inconvenient or in the way or anything, it's pretty lightweight and small. I would say

for the whole year, if you were taking a shower, you could use it. Some people. Yeah, some people want to preserve life today, maybe they have their hair in the style, maybe they're going to a wedding, and they want to keep it in that style for a day or two, it gives you that flexibility of keeping your hair pressed while you take a hot shower, and the works that we've already tested out with my wife, she took a shower, and at the same time and it in a work good everything that was supposed to do. And so that flexibility, you have a pump system, there were some people who saw the benefit, if you want to be intimate with your spouse, so you just got your hands on, people run into that problem where they don't get any excitement at home, because their wife got their head down as well. So that's something that we hope to ease the pain for some of the men as well, particularly in a woman intimacy,

that's very important. And I understand with the portable unit, and what you're just talking about, it's all self contained. But if you were using the other home unit, and you want to take a shower, the unit itself is sitting outside in its way from the water. But the hair cap, not only does one thing, but allows people to take a shower, like a shower cap type of thing, but the airflow and that tubing that's coming out, is flexible enough and long enough so that it's way outside of the tub or the shower so that people are safe, they're not going to get electrocuted.

Let me let me touch on that. That's a good point, I didn't even think it has no electrical components in the head, you can let us sit in the water and soak in the water while you're in the tub. And it would not bother you. But yes, if you were taking the bathroom shower, the unit will be out of the bathroom. And you would expendable. If you could be in the shower or you know, whatever situation that you went, it gives a lot of options for the home for those who wanted that option.

Right. So the tubing, the tubing can be long. And I mean, you could even be vacuuming, right basically, if you wanted to.

That's true. What about I'm actually more than one but one in particular, I'm thinking about who invested in the company. That's what executives say, Look, just vacuuming is a task and I'll spit out my hair, I would love to use the home unit for that purpose. Exactly just for vacuuming just for clean up around the house. So that while I'm just doing you know, my regular chores, I don't mess up my hair before I go out. And so yeah, absolutely.

And then there are unintended benefits to the product as well that we don't talk about very much. For those who like to run if you were in the fitness game, if you're gonna run a mile you can probably run two or three, it makes you feel so refreshing when you're using it does.

I could go and go I actually did I don't know if you got an opportunity to see it but I actually did a demonstration and I was not very well so I did a side by side of me having on the fitness cab and me not having them fitness kept doing the same workout. You know, everything was exactly the same and I just couldn't believe it. As soon as I started to work out I'm like I'm not gonna make it I'm not gonna make it to the end. As opposed to when I had the fitness cap when I was just running running. And I could just go and go and go I stopped because I didn't want to keep on going too long. It was very late and you know, hit children so but yeah, absolutely, um, it's that benefit because it caused the head,

just like in the wintertime. If you were going out to go outside, they say wear hat to keep the heat in your head because you will stay warmer when your head is hot wearing a hat. So working out with this fitness cap because it cools you down. It keeps your body cool. And so you feel more refreshed, more energized to actually do more of your fitness with the fitness cap. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. Everybody should be buying this fitness cap, go to their website type in right here calm when the Kickstarter starts in January 14 of 2022. You got to be part of it because when you're part of it, you are actually like an investor owner of this company, you you because you're investing helping tight and right hair revolution develop and produce this fitness cap as an investor as a backer on the Kickstarter campaign, you will also be part of the revolution. So this is a Great way to help out this wonderful couple. And this wonderful company small company from Baltimore, Maryland, you know, tight and right hair revolution. Now, let me tell you, when people join the Kickstarter program, I know that you are thinking about some type of VIP package. Can you tell me about this VIP package?

Oh, yeah, sure. I, personally am excited about it. It's, um, I'm excited about all of this course. But this is the hair survival kit, you know, and it's, it's really for for the woman who never wants to be caught off guard, she always wants to be fabulous. always wants to look tight and right, if I if you will, right. And so in this, it's beneficial because some people some women have long days, some women may be hanging out. And just the events of the day can take a toll on your hair, perhaps a woman goes to an event and she wasn't aware it was as dressy and she wants to just kind of dress up look a little bit hairstyle will do that for you. Right. It perhaps it was drizzling or rainy, outside or whatever. There's just many things that affect the way a person looks and feels. And so this this hair survival kit just lets you be prepared to be tightened right to look fabulous all the time. And so in this, this kit, it's like the leather bag, leather and gold. I love gold like my favorite color. Right. So leather and Gold's always stylish, we'll have that big and it'll be compact. as compact as can be. You have your comb in there, You're blushing there you'll have your epilator pin, you'll have your formal hair pin, maybe a more casual hair pin, you'll have rained on it, you'll have a satin hairball on it. You'll have edge control along with the comb and the brush, you'll have a cordless flap, flat iron, have the magnetic eyelashes are gone or you'll have even our pre and post a workout style protector. And so all of these are important as well as even a booklet with a few hairstyles in there to help them in just giving giving ideas and giving techniques for utilizing some of the items so that they can be used to their greatest potential right so you can really use this hair survival kit to its greatest potential and so just these little items will will transform you our world will perk up your day will transform the hairstyle will transform your look as well as you got your lip glosses you have your your makeup kit small just just compact, just something that you can have and everything that you need is in there you don't have to worry about packing this up, grabbing another purse, putting everything in your purse, everything that you need will be in this pair survival kit tight and right hair survival kits.

So these are all tight and right revolution products that you're going to have in this survival kit bag. That's why it's we're calling this the VIP hero survival bag as part of the Kickstarter. But for people listening, they can I actually get this VIP package today by ordering what is the way that people can order this VIP package.

So they can order the VIP package right on our website. Tight and right dot com and on there, they'll see the place for the hair survival kits, and they'll be able to go ahead and place their order there and we'll be happy to fulfill it and get it right over to you.

Great and then also the Kickstarter program. If you want to actually get a few of these and give them out as gifts to your friends. You can help by making a backer with a call backer donation to the Kickstarter program. And you can get a VIP here survival kit during the Kickstarter campaign. But if you want to get one today, go to Tight and Right dot Com, and then you'll be able to get your VIP kit. It looks beautiful. Anyways, I love the bag. I love all the components that are in there. Every woman should have a survival kit. I mean, right now it's raining, it's pouring. And I know there's people out there that are rushing from their car into some restaurant and said oh my god, I forgot my umbrella or you know I have my umbrella but look what it did to my hair anyways. So you can take this survival kit go into the bathroom, get themselves law straightened out a little bit and come out and look tightened. Right? I love it. I love it. So let me ask you. Another thing. You have other products with the Tight and Right Hair revolution company And you were telling me the other day about a dry shampoo? What other products do you have that are available on your website Tight and right dot com

Sure, yeah, of course, all of these products are there as well individually. We have hair dryers, blow dryers, we have one in particular, I like this a hair appliance, it has it where you can change the tool that is used. So about five different tools that are used, if you need to call if you need to come if you need to straighten or whatever, you can change that out. So when we get pricing on all of them, we have a shampoo and a conditioner, as well. All natural. And so we know we have done research on those products and making sure that we give the best product to our customers, you know, it's really important to us, that their hair to hair care starts with how we treat the hair, you know, not just our upkeep of it, but how we how we treat it the products and different things like that, that we put in it. And so that's really important to us, you have SMEs on our team that's all about natural hair and just hair care in general. And so you know, we have their visa their stamp on it and their input in it. And so we're definitely excited about our conditioners and shampoos, our hair oils, you have different health rules, where we have few additions in it, depending on what it is you're looking for. You can take a look at the additions we have in our oils now all wines and utilize those for your haircare pleasures. Wow. So

you've got a lot of different products that are available on the website, Tight and Right Hair dot Com and people have got to go out and just check it out. There's a lot of ideas that you can get for gifts, there's a lot of ideas for your styling needs. And in the VIP survival kit and package and that and you can actually go and look and see about fitness cap and how that works and and more information about that. So that's all the information that is available at the website tight and right hair dot com  Now let me ask how can other people help you guys?

Alright, well, you know, of course, they can help by following us on our different platforms, we have Instagram and Facebook linked in business page, of course, YouTube, they can share tips, tips that might have helped them or that they feel can help other people sharing that, you know, if they feel that might be helpful to to their family and friends, absolutely investment is always a great way to to help whether you're backing us in our Kickstarter, or if you want to personally invest in our, in the company that we want for volunteering, there is so much to do. And and you know just not about enough bodies to do it. The investment of course, will help us to get quicker to to market. And then as far as volunteering in any way, or many capacity models you need models meet people to try on our products, utilize our products, or passing the word along always is a plus just word of mouth. And that will be grateful for that join our fan club, buy our products, you know, wear them reviewed them. And then of course, tell us how we can improve our products. You know, we've definitely restore the user, we're for the customer, you know, we're really a family oriented company, and we want to be beneficial, you know, it benefits us and when we use the products and we want them to benefit you. And so, you know, tell us tell us how we can better support the community. And we're just open to all of that.

Well, that is fantastic. I love that whole idea that there's lots of different ways that they can help out tight and right hair revolution. And what's the most important thing is that your family, your family orientated company, both you, you and Larry, our husband and wife and you started the company developed this amazing product. And now product lines and the website tightened right here calm, it's fabulous. Hey, tell me what is the Instagram handle that you use? And they can also find you on Facebook too. I tightened right.

So I want to give the exact for tight and white hair for Instagrams. I was right.

It's tightening right here on Instagram. And yeah, is it tightened right here on Facebook too?

Yep, Facebook is tight. And right here is the ampersand, the ampersand

on ampersand sign. Okay, so on Facebook, you can find tight and right hair @tightandrighthair. And on Instagram. You can find it as tight and right hair @tightandrighthair. Very good. Well, let me tell you guys This has been a great interview. I'm really so grateful to be part of the tight and right hair revolution. Larry, you're amazing, man. Come on Tumajah What a wonderful woman. And this company is amazing people, you must check them out, go to the website, visit the Kickstarter campaign, January 14 2022. And I'm looking forward to this new revolution. Thank you guys. Thank you very much. Thank you.